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The first thing we have to rule out is free WordPress hosting. Many users are tempted to start a WordPress project on free hosting, either the one offered by the company behind WordPress or others.

The reasons why you should not choose free hosting to save a few dollars are several.

The first is that you will not own your site, and you will never be able to claim if the company decides to remove it. Your domain, your internet address, which is part of your personal brand, will belong to the hosting. If they decide to remove it for any reason, you won't be able to claim anything.

The second reason would be that you will not have any technical support in a free site, and in the face of any problem with the server, which sooner or later occurs, you will not be able to go to anyone. You risk losing many hours of work by not paying a few euros a month.

Third, you should know that when something is free on the Internet, " the merchandise is you ." Nobody gives anything for nothing. Therefore, in order to enjoy free hosting service, you will have to put up with the advertising they want to put on your website. This will not say much about you, and it will be uncomfortable for your visitors.

Finally, you should know that free hosting service does not give very good results. The performance will always be very low for the simple reason that it is free. And the image that your website transmits, in free space, is very bad. A project, no matter how small it is, if hosted in a space that does not belong to you, is not credible. 

What to take into account to hire a good hosting?

Once free hosting has been discarded, let's see what you have to consider when hiring a good hosting for your project.


For basic or initial projects, we can find good services that range between five and ten USD per month, depending on the company's policy.

Customer Support

Customer service must be fast and efficient. You will find providers in Spain that offer you care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If they have telephone attention or online chat, much better.

Servers location

At a general level, it is recommended that the server be as close as possible to your users because this results in a better page loading speed.

Administration panel

The administration panel of your website should be as easy and intuitive as possible, so as not to waste a lot of time on hosting administration tasks. Most trusted providers use the cPanel Administration panel, making it easy to switch from one provider to another because they find themselves with a familiar admin space.

Security is important for your website. The provider must make daily and automatic backups to always have your data safe. 

Disc space

In the beginning, your project will take up little space, but little by little, it will grow and need more. At least they should offer you 1 Gb of space.

WordPress compatibility

It must have a one-click installation system or similar, which facilitates the initial installation of WordPress.

Monthly bandwidth

The monthly transfer or monthly traffic is the amount of data that a website consumes in a month. Each visit that we have, each resource that we upload or download, generates traffic, and all this adds gigabytes of data.

Loading speed

The page's loading speed will vary depending on how it is built, and there will be simpler pages and others more complex, with more information, that will take longer to load. In any case, you must choose a server that ensures a loading speed that is below two seconds.

Keep these guidelines in mind when choosing a server for your WordPress, and in the long run, you will save yourself a lot of headaches. We are also delighted to receive your comments. 

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