Best WordPress Popup Plugins

WordPress Popup Plugins is helpful in maximising the effectiveness of your website. It helps you drive leads and enhance your customer experience. WordPress Popup Plugins can be easily implemented on your website.

Popup plugins are used to enhance messaging, upsell products, collect more newsletter signups, and convert leads to sales. WordPress popup plugins will help you boost your ROI or return on investments.

Best WordPress Popup Plugins

Ninja Popups Review - With the Best Customisable Features

Ninja Popups is one of the pioneers when it comes to WordPress popup plugins. Through time, Ninja Popups has developed comprehensive features that allow users to customise based on the specific needs of their business and website design.

Ninja Popups has new popup templates and integrations that cater to the current digital marketing trends and web development upgrades. With Ninja Popups, you can easily monitor and control your popup creation and the performance of each element. It also features an intuitive drag-and-drop theme builder that allows users to custom-build their theme aligned with their existing website features.

Moreover, Ninja Popups includes page-level targeting that will maximise your popups’ effectiveness to drive even more sales or convert more leads. Lastly, Ninja Popups are fully optimised to search engines that bring faster script loading and graphic optimisation. It can also significantly boost your website’s performance and added features without compromising load time.  

 Ninja Popups Social Networks Affiliations
• Facebook
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• Google Plus
• Pinterest
Ninja Popups Price:
Regular License: $24.00/yr with six-month customer support for free.

Green Popups Review - With The Best Time-Saver Feature
Formerly known as Layered Popups, Green Popups is a versatile choice that lets you custom-make multi-layered popup animations. It has an easy drag-and-drop function that saves you a lot of time in the making. It has in store more than 1000 fonts and armed with more than 200 templates. The choices are endless.
Green Popups Features

• Website Load
• Scrolling
• Website Exiting
• Inactivity
• Adblocker Use
• Clicking on Links

Green Popups has diverse variables such as designing your own popups and A and B testing. Also, you can experiment with each feature without disrupting anything on your site. Green Popups also allows you to perform unlimited A/B campaigns and give you valuable statistical data regarding the effectiveness of your popups’ performance. Hence, it will be easier for you to test the popups, refine the problems, and choose or create one based on your statistical analysis.  

Green Popups can be integrated with Jetpack, Mailchimp, HubSpot, and Converter Kit. it is also compatible with WooCommerce. Green Popups give you more room to streamline your process and features automatic sending user submission data to CRM. Additionally, you can also embed payment options with PayPal, Stripe, and Razorpay. Green Popups significantly boost your user experience and will increase sales.

Green Popups Price
Regular Plan: $21.00 (six-month free customer support)
Extended Plan: $105.00

Some of the best  examples showing this plugin in action might be:

Elementor Pro Review - Best WordPress Popups for Beginner

Elementor Pro’s best feature is the drag-and-drop popup builder which makes it easy for beginners to explore, navigate, use, and create. It offers a variety of popup designs to choose from which saves you time building one from scratch.

Elementor Pro Popups has over 100 popup templates you can use or if you want to customise one for your website, you can also create your own popup as well as widgets, login forms, timers, buttons, and other website popup features you want to include in your website.
Elementor Pro Popups
• Popups for notification bars for both the top and bottom area of your screen.
• It features a full-screen overlay.
• Modal popups are available.
• Fly-in and Slide-in popups are also available.

Moreover, Elementor Pro’s versatile quality also helps users target and trigger audience. You can easily use their target feature by choosing post type, format, categories, tags, pages and other website elements. It will allow you to create customised popups for your website that exudes highly relevant meaning and function to your target audience.
Elementor Pro Price
Free Plan ( Does not include popup maker functions)
Personal Plan for $49.00 ( Includes 50 widgets, 300 templates, and 10 websites)

Popups are not essential for every website if they want to make a sale, convert their leads, and drive their leads to make a purchase. Popups make your life easier while your customers enjoy easy and quick website navigation.

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