Magento, The Most Powerful Option To Create Your Online Store

In this article, we will discuss Magento, the most powerful option to create your online store. It is a content manager that has grown a lot in recent years, mainly due to the fact that it implemented some options that other managers did not have.

The multi-store option, which Magento has always had, has been its great guarantee against other CSMs like Prestashop that implemented it a little later. That is why it has earned the reputation of being the most flexible option for large projects, which has sometimes made online stores that planned to grow in the future also decide on this option. 

Advantages Of Using Magento

Magento is a solution based on PHP, Apache, and MySQL, so to download and install it, you will not have any problem, beyond uploading the software to the hosting of the online store hired and running its installer. The instructions for executing this task are well detailed in its documentation.
It also has a very active user community that regularly organizes events, where improvements and tricks learned, are shared. In this sense, it has nothing to envy to other options with more time on the market, such as PrestaShop.

Its great value is a great capacity it facilitates to create large projects. This is also evident in the options available to connect with different ERPs, which helps us comfortably manage the store without changing the form of management or duplicating it as it happens on many occasions.

Another of its great advantages is the large number of adaptive themes that we have available, something that makes this platform's dynamism very clear, which is aware of the latest trends in design and issues such as SEO, where Magento is very search engine friendly.

It is also easy to find different templates for mobile themes, something that given the increase in this type of navigation every day, is more important, especially if we do not want to lose customers who access our store from these devices. 

Disadvantages Of Using Magento Compared To Other CMS

However, all this power that it provides us has a price. Magento will consume more resources than other options and although there are many options for optimization, we will need to hire specialized hosting for this content manager, which will be associated with a higher cost.
On the other hand, its administration panel can be too complicated for most of the online stores that will not need so many options. This implies that it has a longer learning period than other options, easier to learn to use. The good part is that it has an Online Demo where we can catch the air at the CMS.

The community version, which is free, has paid versions, the Enterprise version costs $ 15,550 per year or $ 49,990 for the premium version, although most users will have enough with the free version. 

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