What Is Wordpress And What Can I Do With This CMS

What is WordPress?

35% of the websites on the market are made with WordPress, but what is it and what can I do with this software, is one of the common questions for those who are starting out in the web world.

And it is that according to the WordPress website, more than 60 million people have already chosen it to create their web projects. In this post, we will explain what it is and what you can use it for.

WordPress is essentially a CMS (Content Management System) or content manager. It is a tool for creating websites where content is primarily important. It is so popular because it allows you to create a web project visually, without knowing to code, in a simple way, which makes almost anyone can do it. 

Top Reasons to use WordPress

WordPress, of course, is not the only CMS that exists on the market. Joomla, PrestaShop, Drupal, Moodle, all of them are also oriented to content management. But why do people tend to opt for WordPress?For its simplicity.
Designing a WordPress website is relatively easy if you have never done it and know how to handle any text editor. Also, WordPress has recently implemented Gutemberg, a block text editor where the only thing you will need to create your page is to add blocks of text, images, or titles.

WordPress plugins.

A plugin is a mini application that you install on your WordPress to perform a specific function. There are countless plugins in the WordPress repository to choose from, many of them are free and will provide you with solutions to create specific questions. For example, plugins to share your posts on social networks, plugins to provide security and speed to your site, plugins to manage seo, plugins to create an online course platform, to create your store and start selling your products.


A theme is a template that determines the design of your website or blog. At your disposal, you will have hundreds of themes, both free and paid, that will make it easier for you to design your project. Filter by your needs to find the topic that benefits you the most. 

What can you do with WordPress?

In its beginnings, WordPress was created to create blogs and compete with other managers who were leaders in the posting market at the time. Today WordPress is still the main CMS for creating a blog, although in recent times other platforms such as Medium are knocking on the door.
By default, when you install WordPress, the platform already creates a blog for you to publish entries or posts. It also allows you the option to configure whether or not you want users to leave their comments. And another interesting question is the possibilities that WordPress offers you with its widgets, modules where you can add an entry search engine, the latest entries made, interaction buttons with your social networks, etc.

Cool corporate websites that attract attention

In recent years WordPress has positioned itself as the star platform for creating company websites, or what is the same, websites that show information about what you do, your services, and your contact forms.
You can also add a blog where you can publish posts related to your theme and help you like Google and better position yourself.

A powerful online store with Woocommerce

If you want to create an online store, although you have other options on the market, such as PrestaShop, WordPress has positioned itself in recent years as a great competitor to it. For this, you will only need to add the Woocommerce plugin to your WordPress. With it, you can upload products, add payment and shipping methods, manage your orders and your stock.
If you have a physical store and want to orient your business online, take a look at one of our latest posts, where we delve more deeply into creating your online store to sell your products online.

An online platform

Now that all the institutions are looking for a space on the Internet to convert their businesses to digital, WordPress also gives you that option. As in the case of online stores, by installing a plugin, you can turn your WordPress into a virtual classroom. It is ideal if you already have a WordPress website and want to start selling your courses. Complementing it with Woocommerce, you would have everything you need to have your own online course platform. 

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